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Welcome to Maleny State High School

Maleny High School is a unique place. Much of this uniqueness stems from the willingness of the school to continually innovate and drive towards enhanced ways of delivering our curriculum and seeking to value the special qualities of each individual. The school is also extremely fortunate to have a supportive and active Parents & Citizens Association.

Maleny SHS Absence Phone Number: 07 5499 8101

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2014 Assessment Planners

Maleny SHS Annual Report 2012


We place unequivocal emphasis on improvement in learning. Our students’ academic achievements have been consistently high. The school’s vocational education programs bring relevant, skill-oriented learning within reach of all students, regardless of their academic ability.

Such programs also testify to the supportiveness of the school’s wider community.
Our belief in the value of each individual also underpins our efforts to maintain a safe, supportive environment that is as free as possible from harassment or bullying. The majority of the people in our school find such behaviour highly objectionable and there are distinct policies that help to minimise it.

Maleny State High School is a “Responsible Thinking School”. Our strong belief in effective teaching and learning, a supportive environment and positive relationships is promoted within the philosophy that each person needs to take serious responsibility for his or her behaviour. When a person requires time to work through this, a space is organised for the student to plan his or her re-entry into the class. This takes place in the supervised Responsible Thinking Classroom.


Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students

Maleny SHS Uniform Policy

Good Work Ethic Policy 2013

Another unique feature of this school is the off-campus site known as the "FLX" (Flexible Learning Experience). Between 10 and 20 students enter into highly individualised negotiated learning pathways at FLX. We believe that if there were no provision for this group, they would be at risk of terminating their education far too early.
We aim to develop learning potential and resilience in students – in three main ways:

  1. Establishing caring relationships (taking time to find out about students’ needs and to work with them)
  2. Delivering high-expectation messages (empowering students to rise above negative circumstances)
  3. Providing opportunities for active participation and contribution to school and community life.


Maleny State High School Prospectus 2011

Maleny SHS Annual Improvement Plan 2013

Maleny State High School is fortunate enough to have SU School Chaplain, Chris Davis, as a vital member of our staff. His contribution to the students, staff and the broader community is invaluable. To learn more about the role of our Chaplain, please refer to the Links below.

School Chaplaincy - "Our Service To Support Your School"


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